What's it QR code? Do you need QR code?

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What's it QR code? Do you need QR code?

Postby yancey » Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:40 pm

Briefly, QR code is an image which contains information, such as text, network address (URL), contact details, etc. People can use smart phone or other optical devices to scan this image to get the information storage on it.

This is a sample of the QR code which storage a url, you can try to scan it with your smart phone, it will open a website with your web browser app.

QRCode.png (1.66 KiB) Viewed 2900 times

QR code is a revolutionary invention, it has already brought much convenience to people's life. An example, you can print a QR code in your business card, so that people can get all your details such as name, company, job title, work number, mobile number, just with scanning the QR code, it is much easier than before, isn't it?

And now you will ask me, how can I make a QR code? It's very easy, many software can do it, I recommend this website named OnlineHelper.com.au, please click here, you can easily make your own QR code with this website, it supports to convert text, URL, Facebook, twitter and Vcard to QR code image, and even you can add your own logo in the center of the QR code, it's very cool, isn't it?

So just hurry to make the first QR code of yours, click QR code generator.
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